Aboriginal Governing Council

Sylvia Maracle (OFIFC), Connie Siedule (TI), Donna Lyons (MNO), Betty Kennedy (ONWA), Janet Smylie (CRICH)

Academic Research Team Members

Janet Smylie (Scientific Director), Pat O'Campo, Rick Glazier, Marcia Anderson, Kelly McShane, Roseanne Nisenbaum, Dionne Gesink Law, Michelle Firestone

Project Staff

Cheryl McPherson, Conrad Prince (CRICH); Deborah Tagornak, Colleen Arngna'naaq, Jessica Demeria, Leslie Cochran, Crystal Burning (Community Site Leads); Amye Annett, Ashly MacDonald, Trisha McDonald, Diane Therrien, Alisha Hines (Community Interviewers)

Additional Collaborators

Vasanthi Srinivasan (Director, Health System Planning and Research Branch, MOHLTC); Fredrika Scarth (Acting Manager, Research, Health System Planning and Research Branch, MOHLTC); Sue Vanstone (Manager, Aboriginal Health Strategy Unit, MOHLTC); Don Embuldeniya (Manager, Health System Information and Management Branch, MOHLTC); Kelly Murphy (Director of Knowledge Translation, CRICH); Leslie McGregor, Director, Noojamawin Health Authority, Paula Stewart (Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, Public Health Agency of Canada)